The Owners
Mike & Judy Sutherland of Sutherland-Garnier Funeral Home in Centralia, IL

THE Previous Owner & Builder - TY CONKLIN
I've been riding motorcycles for 37 years, this passion is what caused me to start the Last
Ride Motorcycle Hearse Co . March 24, 2008.  I have a Bail Bond company in Springfield,
Missouri, it has allowed me to spend more time riding my motorcycle than most people who
are stuck in 9 to 5 office jobs. Most of my friends ride, and our entertainment revolves
around rides we want to take or memories of past adventures. I've lost a few friends over the
years and we always get together on our motorcycles and follow the hearse to the grave
site. If a motorcycle hearse was available then, I'm sure we would have given them one last

                   The end of your life should reflect the way you lived it.


I'm not a cowboy. I do not wear a cowboy hat, cowboy boots or even a single silver spur. I
am a motorcycle enthusiast. I will dress appropriately for the funeral of your loved one. A
white long sleeved shirt, black vest, jeans and black riding boots.